• 'The Politics of Humanism' is both a theological and practical look at the abhorrent philosophies and doctrines of humanism. Covering a wide-range of topics like racism, immigration, gun control, the drug war, and the military industrial complex, the book seeks to both examine the faulty presuppositions of humanism, and offer up a better way, one which aligns with the totality of Scripture. Dr. Jason Garwood offers both width and depth as it pertains to the greatest rival of Christianity: humanism and its powerful god, Statism. A call to fight, Dr. Garwood gives us tools to win the battle.
  • 'Reconstructing the Heart' is an honest look at what it means to be emotional in all the right ways. As the reader will learn, the “right” ways are determined by the ethical/judicial presuppositions and actions we use when deploying our emotions. Because of the abhorrent assumptions and influence of Greek philosophy, many Christians today are left without a proper understanding of what it means to be righteously and biblically emotional. Reconstructing the Heart is a technical and practical look at how to reclaim your emotions from the clutches of sin and bad theology. The reader will be challenged and motivated to apply the gospel of the Kingdom to all aspects of his being: mind, soul, and heart.
  • Be Holy

    Whether we admit it or not, sanctification is often misunderstood, misapplied, or ignored altogether. There is a danger in attempting to follow Jesus apart from His commands, provisions, and promises. Without a coherent, biblically informed understanding of God—His holiness, His attributes, His character—any grace driven efforts of Christian growth will be truncated at best. Now that Christ has saved us, how does that work itself out in love? What are some of the things we should know as a follower of The Way? What if I just don’t feel like growing in the Lord? Inside Be Holy: Learning the Path of Sanctification, Jason Garwood explores the terrain of sanctification in a comprehensive and easy to understand way. It’s saturated in Scripture and rooted in the church’s history of holiness—the ups and downs of growth and change in the Christian life. And at the center of Be Holy sits the reigning King Jesus and the work of the trinitarian God in the gospel. May God stir up your affections as you behold His glory and walk the path of sanctification. Rev. Jason M. Garwood (M.Div., Th.D.) is the teaching pastor of Cross & Crown Church in Northern Virginia. He and his wife have three children. He blogs at jasongarwood.com. Connect with him on Twitter: @jasongarwod.
  • Feeling stagnant, stressed out and anxious? Would you consider yourself a joyful person? For many followers of Jesus, joy seems like a far-fetched concept that is unattainable in this life. Feelings of happiness are replaced by anger, stress, discontentment and depression. The demands of job, school, family and schedules are difficult. What can we do? The Fight for Joy is an honest look at what it takes to find joy in the Christian life. Whether you are a seasoned Christian looking for a fresh start, or someone who just met Christ yesterday, this book is for you. Join in on the fight for joy with Paul’s letter to the Philippians. Rev. Jason M. Garwood (M.Div., Th.D.) is teaching pastor of Cross & Crown Church in Northern Virginia. He and his wife have three children. He blogs at jasongarwood.com. Connect with him on Twitter: @jasongarwod.

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