Hello! Pastor Jason here. I wanted to give you all a quick update on how things are progressing with our little postmillennial church plant, and because of the aforementioned eschatological position, you might say that we’re pretty optimistic about where we’re at right now, and where we plan to go in the future.

I recently connected with a couple of good brothers in another church plant not too far from us, and while conversing, one of them asked me a great question. He said, “What type of church do you want this to be?” The short answer was really simple: we want this assembly to be consumed with the gospel of the kingdom of God. Having had more time to think about that question, I want to add something more to it: we want to create an assembly of saints who are not only embracing the gospel of the kingdom, but creating a compelling culture that rivals the culture we find ourselves in. Because we live in a nation that prefers to stumble around in the darkness, we need to actually turn on the light and start guiding people.

When you think about it, that’s really how the early Christians were able to subvert the Roman empire. By living distinct lives and creating their own social order built on the law-word of God, they found themselves growing, and growing quickly. When we build institutions that rival, surpass, and outlast the false institutions of the day, the gospel of the kingdom grows. It manifests itself in the every day: families who are functioning properly; churches who care about mercy and justice; individuals who each day do their work and play for the honor and glory of King Jesus. This is the type of church I want Cross & Crown to be–a counter-cultural narrative machine that brings the gospel into conflict with everything.

It’s been two months since we launched Cross & Crown Church and I couldn’t be happier with where we’re at. I preached about our vision and mission, talked through what it means to believe the authority of the Scriptures, and we’ve even had two of our men preach their very first sermons. Awesome!

Right now we’re trying to find a building to meet in regularly, and we really want to be in the downtown Warrenton area. The Old Town Warrenton district is an economically hopping place and we love it! Please pray about this as we’re eager to be more visible in the community, not just in our public worship, but also in the every day.

Another thing to consider, especially since today is “Giving Tuesday,” is the fact that we continue to find ourselves needing support. We are a very young church with a few families, and in order to continue to push through, we need more ministry partners. Would you consider giving to the mission of Cross & Crown today? Perhaps you can set up a reoccurring donation, or maybe you’re in a position to give a sizable amount to help us continue this work. Either way, we would be ecstatic to partner together with you. We are dreaming big and thinking long-term, and we would love for you to come alongside us in this mission.

Thank you all for your prayers! As always, stay connected with us online via Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. You can subscribe to the podcast here. Oh, and be sure to grab some Cross & Crown gear!

For the Cross & Crown of King Jesus,

Rev. Dr. Jason Garwood
Teaching Pastor